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Sprang Cleaning



This short term, WRBC board members and interns have been making some necessary changes to our dear 31 Frye in terms of furniture, cleanliness, and enhancing the existing playful aesthetic previously hidden under years of modest hoarding (not that WRBC condones the use of the word aesthetic).

Our own Gordon (read: Gorson) Platt, illustrious heir of Platt Builders Inc., has been working nights to construct a variety of respectable furniture. There are no limits to lounging in this 24” Belfast saddle stool:

IMG_0268We’ve also been reorganizing the rock room and moving out some long-decayed cork boards and things of the sort, but not without first documenting old WRBCer’s sharpied wisdom:


It’s not all goodbyes tho.  We are buying new mic holds? Customized mouse pads? Other things? Not quite sure what else. There have definitely been murmurs of a privately-funded rubber duck repping a WRBC insignia but on that I must defer to jhoden@bates.edu. And, Gorson has once more pledged his labor to us, this time to build some sturdy shelves.

Bottom line: WRBC cleans up real nice.  We see you staring.