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Interview with President Spencer


President Clayton Spencer’s return to WRBC airwaves, as interviewed by Alfred Russo ’15 and Jordana Gluckow ’16 to answer a variety questions on the direction of the institution, and some less arduous ones as well.

Questions Posed:

What’s your favorite and least favorite part about Bates?

If you could magically change one thing about Bates what would it be?

How does the opinion of the student body impact your decision-making process?

Do you think that the senior gift is a referendum on the Bates experience and the direction of the institution?

When enough space becomes available does the college plan on eliminating the option for students to live off campus?

Batesies have long contended that the college’s strongest asset is the people that make up this community. With that in mind, how does personnel restructuring intersect with that value?

What’s your favorite food at Commons or the Den?

With the prioritization of new initiatives like Purposeful Work, how is the college tackling other longstanding issues like the upcoming retirement of a significant amount of faculty or the fact that some courses are frequently overenrolled?

Where is your favorite place to hangout at Bates?

Does the college plan to create much needed parking? Can you comment on the Lewiston ordinance that requires Bates students/faculty/staff to park on campus despite the city’s inability to legally bar anyone from properly parking on a public street?

Is the college making a concerted effort to improve community relations. If so, how?

When was the last time you got a speeding ticket?

Do you plan on reforming the disciplinary system that students undergo which is currently a three strike policy?

Since we are now under a new student government leadership and system, what do you see as the ideal relationship between the administration and the student government?

Since your last interview with WRBC two years ago, what has been your most valuable contribution to Bates College?