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New Music Monday


Porches, The House


Due to the critical success of previous album, Pool, Porches’ second LP, The House, came with much anticipation. Under the name Porches, Aaron Maine experiments with a predominantly electronic sound, combining airy synths with quirky, light-hearted kick drums and basslines. Although the EDM influence on Porches’ music is evident in Maine’s beats, it is his contrasting, folk-inspired vocal melodies that carry his work closer to synth-pop territory. In The House, Aaron Maine takes these two contrasting elements to new extremes, producing a delicate sound far softer to that of its predecessor, Pool. The album remains highly intimate throughout—at times it feels like Maine is whispering into the microphone from the privacy of his own bedroom, a secluded space exclusively designated for self-reflection. Lyrically, Maine finds comfort in introspection by delving into his personal anxieties and indecisiveness. In fact, as the album progresses, he only sounds more vulnerable and unsure of himself, his tone of voice becoming frail by the end. Besides the catchy hooks and compelling melodies, what makes this album worth listening to is the way it unfolds. While you might struggle to empathize with Maine towards the beginning of The House, by the end, it feels like you have been sitting in his bedroom watching him perform for all 37 minutes.    


Top songs: Country, Leave the House, Ono


by Jan Pastor ’20