Grace’s Top Ten Songs From Russian 102

    Learning a new language is hard, especially when you have to either be on zoom or super spaced out and masked in a classroom. This past module made me especially grateful to have an amazing Russian professor, Dennis Browne, who kept us engaged by learning the language through speaking Read More...

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Photo Credits from top left to bottom right: Cinque Mubarak, Adam Funari, Omari Spears, Kara Donnelly

owen’s top ten punk tracks of 2020

Featured Image: From top left to bottom right: Pink Siifu by Cinque Mubarak, Søøn by Adam Funari, Soul Glo by Omari Spears, and Bacchae by Kara Donnelly Hey folks, it’s your friendly neighborhood general manager here to list off what I thought were the best punk songs of 2020.  I’m Read More...

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Road May Rise – Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards

excuse me, that’s my emotional support album Road May Rise Review by Grace Acton This fall has been super stressful, especially as a first year. Whenever I’m feeling particularly worried about COVID or missing home, I put on one of my comfort albums: Josh Ritter’s So Runs the World Away, Read More...

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songs – Adrianne Lenker

 by Grey McGloon  songs review      Over the summer I found this cool, folky single by some guy named Buck Meek, and I was so excited. I looked him up and found that he did some work with Adrianne Lenker, and I said to my friends “she sounds so Read More...

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Ava’s Top Ten Albums of 2019

Inspired by Lily Kip, the General Manger before me, I would like to go through my top albums of 2019. I think this is the year when I liked engaging with full albums and not just individual songs. I wanted and preferred listening to the artist’s full album – I Read More...

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Lily’s Top Ten New Albums of 2018

What’s become enormously clear to me this year, especially when someone like me is allowed to be in charge of a radio station, is that there is really no true authority on *good music*. This has been unbelievably freeing! As well as experimenting with the sharing function on my spotify account has Read More...

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What’s Up With Tay-Tay?

There’s a good 37% of America that thinks our girl Taylor isn’t trendy. Let’s get one thing straight, she is. Whether you’re the person online shopping for pair of lenses from Warby’s just to be able to #LookTaylorYouBelongWithMe, or the anti-fan screaming “she’s so overrated” from the backseat (why you Read More...

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