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Trivia Night 2018!!!


Trivia Night Rulez, Regulationz, and FAQz

Here is a quick, easy, and thorough rundown of what to do if you wish to compete in Trivia Night:

  1. Form a team of friends, enemies, and/or casual acquaintances and create a team name.
  2. Between 9:30 and 10:00 pm, call the WRBC station at (207) 795-8793 to register your team.
  3. Tune into WRBC 91.5 FM or stream from wrbcradio.com (click “listen live” in the top right corner) from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am to participate. Teams of WRBC DJs will ask trivia questions live on-air and follow each question with a song.
  4. Before the song is over, call the WRBC station at (207) 795-8793 with the answer. The first team to call with the correct answer will be awarded 5 points, the second 4, the third 3, the fourth 2, and the fifth 1. If there are more than 5 teams, only the first five teams to call with the correct answer will get points.
  5. Once the song is over, that’s it! Time is up and the answer will be given on-air by the DJs. They will then ask the next question and repeat through the night until 6:00 am.
  6. Once per hour, the DJs will also pose a challenge to the teams. Complete the challenge and bring your results to the station. The challenges will be vague, so be creative!
  7. At 6:00 am, all the teams gather at the WRBC station where the board will tally the results and award buckets of prizes from local businesses to the top finishers.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s it! Seven easy steps to having the night of your life courtesy of WRBC!



Q: What if I start Trivia Night but run out of steam before it’s over?

A: Then go to bed. Teams are encouraged to participate even if they don’t anticipate making it to the bitter end.

Q: How will our team answer Trivia Questions and complete challenges at the same time?

A: Most teams end up delegating the responsibilities, with the most knowledgeable members calling to answer questions and the most creative members working on challenges.

Q: Why does the college allow this to happen?

A: Because they’re not totally opposed to fun. And we’re not doing anything illegal.

Q: What if I want to do Trivia Night but I don’t have any friends/enemies/casual acquaintances?

A: Ryan will be your friend!