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Justin Hoden Voted 2017-2018 General Manager


The votes are in: Campus socialite Justin Hoden (Class of 2017) will be, in many ways, the new Gabe Nott.  Chief among these is that upon Gabe’s graduation, Justin will be the new WRBC General Manager!

We’d like to give Justin a proper introduction.  

But first, Gabe on Justin: “Justin has consistently been an active, committed, and excited voice on the board since his time as an intern. His initiative, creativity, and taste in music are great assets to WRBC. I am excited to see what the board will accomplish with his leadership.”

Now, me on Justin:  Apart from socializing and/or sulking, Jutty loves to rock climb, write poetry and prose, experiment with photography, participate in social justice activism, and help in the upkeep of his various fashion houses. Justin loves the outdoors and music, especially Vermont and Joni Mitchell.  He attends more live concerts in Portland and around the New England area than maybe anyone else and is generally a very earnest and passionate guy.  And responsible, but don’t take that to mean unchill.

Justin’s friends on Justin:

“He calls me ‘his’ a lot and tries to fight people for my ownership so I guess that is endearing.” – Logan Griffiths, Class of 2018
“Sometimes he calls wine vino and says ciao but it’s not an obnoxious thing because he really loves that life.” – Zev Carter, Class of 2018
“I’m pretty sure he started the trend of carabiner clipping your homemade ceramic mug to your L.L. Bean backpack at Bates.” – Zev Carter, Class of 2018
“Justin tries really hard to not be a music snob and succeeds in this endeavor most of the time” – Sarah Sigman, Class of 2019

Justin on:

Noname – “Let’s bring her.”
The station soda machine – “Will definitely be slurping squirt.”
Abolishing the rave – “Dear god yes.”


We can’t wait to see what 2017-18 has in store for the station, can you???