So Late it’s the Morning Show

Airing Monday
from 2 AM to 4 AM

With a diverse group of hosts (Polish, Dutch, French and American), the So Late It’s the Morning Show promises to be an engaging way to keep up with film and music culture. The show is divided into three parts: a movie discussion (with Tristan and Luke), a music experience (with Jan and Adam) and a group therapy section where we will take callers.


Adam Gardner

I'm originally from the Chi but I've lived in New York for most of my life. I enjoy Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B and anything else that is funky. Shout out to our sponsor and please, celebrate success responsibly.

Tristan van Rooden

Born and raised in D.C. I Love long walks along the beach, nice sunsets, and celebrating success right.

Luc Alper-Leroux

A world-walker who's lived in London, Paris, and Miami. Loves intellectual discussions, soul-searching, existential conversations, and most importantly...celebrating success right.