Airing Thursday
from 12 AM to 2 AM

Show will mostly consist of Katie shutting off Nell’s jazz music. Will also provide some fine tunes in genres such as rock, pop, maybe a lil country. Will definitely include some major throwbacks!


Kate Ennis

Super fun gal, loves to ski, hike, crack some jokes, and have a good time all around!!

Nell Pearson

Spot Neil Person rockin her sax at Olin pretty much 24/7. Eat drink sleep sax. If not in Olin, see her sleeping in the lib on 3rd floor.

Ronni Mak

You'll catch RMak hitting up Carnegie on the daily, running around the track, doing some intense ab workouts and partying it up in JB. Super chill & fun gal!!! Plays piano. Maybe for radio we'll see