Killer Queens

Airing Tuesday
from 6 PM to 8 PM

Our music interests vary from day to day (mostly depending on Sophie’s Choice). We play indie alternative, soft classic rock, and the occasional Motown. Basically anything Wes Anderson would approve of for his latest movie.
We talk about everything, from movie reviews, current events, the selection of desserts in Commons, and whatever is going on with Anna’s cat that day.


Sophie Mortman

There are three things that give me life: giraffes, the Beatles and Stranger Things. Sometimes I wonder if I'm living in the Upside Down.

Anna Mendonca

When I'm not bingewatching Netflix (or Hulu or HBO or Amazon Prime) I'm talking about bands no one has ever heard of, and promptly delete them from my playlist when someone says "oh I love them!" My goal in life is to be like Don Draper..but without the philandering, alcoholism, creative talent, and all the things that make him interesting.