You may find the answers to your questions here. If not, feel free to contact us.

How do I get a radio show?

If you’re a Bates student, you’re welcome to apply for a show at the start of each term (Fall semester, Winter semester, and Short term) at our General Meeting. All student DJs (new or old) must attend the meeting. It typically takes place on the first or second Wednesday evening of the semester. To stay in the loop, make sure to keep checking this website, like us on Facebook, and/or monitor Bates Today.

At the General Meeting we will go over the application process, the basics of having your own show, and collect your name and email address so we can add you to our listserve. We’ll also make any other WRBC-related announcements at this time! After the meeting, you will have a couple of days to complete the application. Then the Programming Director and the General Manager sit down and craft schedule. They will send it out to the WRBC listserve with a list of times when new DJs can stop by the station for “apprenticing.” During apprenticing, we will teach you how to use all of our fancy equipment and go over all the rules!

If you’re a Bates Faculty or Staff member, please email the Programming Director, the Liaison, and the General Manager as soon as you know you want a show.

If you’re a community member, please contact our Community Liaison.

Please be in touch with any other questions. We strive to include as many different DJs and styles of broadcasting in our programming as possible!

Something in the station isn’t working. What do I do?

Email the Technical Director. The current tech director(s) and their email(s) can be found on the board page!

I’m a Bates student who wants to be more involved with WRBC. How can I join the Board?

You can intern! All Board members go through the interning process. At the start of every semester we’ll put out a call for interns, but if you’re interested don’t hesitate to shoot the General Manager an email. We’d love to meet you and talk more!

I’m wondering if you can advertise my local business on-air?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is we instruct our DJs to stay away from promoting for-profit entities on-air. Our license as a non-commercial educational station makes it difficult (read as: usually illegal) for our DJs to read the announcements that are sent to us. In addition, we strive for original programming, and so with the exception of a few parameters (i.e. reading our Legal ID, following our rules, offering one public service announcement every hour, etc.), the Board does not instruct DJs on the direction or content of their shows.