WRBC Photo

Justin Hoden ’18

General Manager

You wake up in a bed that is your own, as you remembered it the night before, yet the room is unfamiliar but not frightening. A man, at least you assume it is a man, kneels down beside you and takes your hand. His face is obscured by the darkness that blankets the room. His hands are coarse but welcoming. His breath smells of garlic. You get up and follow him. He leads you to a door and you follow him through it. On the other side there is nothing but light, so bright you cannot see. That man with the coarse, comforting hands and garlic breath is me, Justin.


Emma Lammers ’19

Secretary/Programming Director – “The Words Lady”

Emma is from arguably the greatest city in the world: Columbus, Ohio. She does essentially all things word related for WRBC. She is pursuing a double major in biology and potentially philosophy (?) and swims for Bates. Ask her about phytoplankton, Spike Jonze, The National, or the song A Milli by Lil Wayne.


Katherine Schell ’19


Katherine/Kat/Kat Shat was birthed in Charlotte, North Carolina, which contrary to popular belief is not a small Southern hick town where people drink moonshine all day. She mainly digs dad music, and handles the cash money of WRBC. She also attempts to sail here at Bates while trying not to die of hypothermia.

Madeline Schapiro ’20

Treasurer Numero Dos

Madeline is a Studio Art/ Economics major, but economics is where her true love lies. That is why she will be co treasurer this school year. Her love for botany and all things plant based comes through during her jam themed radio set lists, her current favorite being her blueberry jam one. It is probably the natural pectin in the blueberries that makes this playlist really gel.





Gordon Platt ’19

Music Director

Hailing from just oustide of J.O.B., Gordon grew up riding bikes and building things. Gordon joined WRBC during the first semester of his freshman year and plays a variety of folk, alternative rock, and indie music. His go-to jam song is “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s. Outside of the station, Gordon is on the sailing team and is pursuing a major in Environmental Studies.

Bridget Nolan ’18

Publicity and Events Director






Jamie Kelleher ’19

Concerts and Events Coordinator

A minion in the traditional sense of the word, any reference to Despicable Me is merely serendipitous!

Robyn Moss ’20

Concerts and Events Coordinator

a lizard


James Erwin ’18

Compliance Director

A native of Yarmouth, Maine, James has considerable talent in memorizing thoroughly useless information and has therefore elected to pursue a degree in history and rhetoric. His skill at immitating crayfish has led to him developing a radio persona around a freshwater crustacean that spouts fun facts.



Nick Osborn ’19

Technical Director

Nick is a Math/Physics double Major from Boston, MA. He joined WRBC as an intern last year and somehow has been trusted with a ridiculous amount of responsibility. Nick enjoys chocolate chip pancakes, complaining about rowing, and telling everyone how much he loves his roommate.

Josie Blanchon ’20

Fall Technical Director

Josie Blanchon is from the best state this country has ever had: the District of Columbia. As a prospective math and physics double major, she has been given the responsibility of co-technical director with the other math/physics double major, Nick Osborn. Along with these STEM fields, she is interested in music and is a member of the Merimanders, the campus’s only All-Female A Cappella group. Her show, Songs with Josie, combines her love for catchy pop songs with her love for singer-songwriters and indie artists.





Sarah Sigman ’19

Liaison and Outreach Coordinator

Sarah is a politics major from New York, who sails for Bates and is a tour guide. She runs on alt-pop, honey roasted cashews, mystery novels, and at least 6 hours of sleep.




Hawley Moore ’19

Art Director #1

Where she at?

Madison Shipler ’20

Art Director #2

Boat girl.

Lily Kip ’19

Fall Webmaster

A JOB Resident and an English/Studio Art major; Lily Kip joined WRBC in a fit of rage against club sports and is somehow still here. Ask her anything about obscure Bruce Springsteen albums, Meyers Briggs personality typing, or proper canoeing technique. But nothing else, please.

Ryan Whittemore ’19

Winter Webmaster

Ryan is native of West Virginia who believes in radio as a way to spread good vibes. He is pursuing a degree in politics and has a strong interest in film. Music ranging from Folk to rap to pop interests him.







Ava Gulino ’20

Special Projects

Ava is from the first state in the union, Delaware, where she likes to hang out with her grumpy pet beagle, Louie. She is continually on the prowl for fresh beats to play and she’s all about the flow and ~vibez~ of her show. She enjoys a range of music but her go-to’s are definitely some synthy alternative, indie, singer/songwriter, and an occasional club beat just to keep things groovin’.


Emily Dean ’19

Special Projects Team






Harry “Flippin” Meadows ’19

International Brand Representative

Ghost Board Member.