Ava Gulino ’20

General Manager

Ava is a senior who has been on the WRBC Board since winter of 2017. She is from the first state, Delaware, and is majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Religious Studies. One of her favorite WRBC memories is the Wednesday 6-8 am time slot that Ava and her co-host, Annie, proudly attended as wee first years. One of Ava’s passions is YouTube, but she is still working up the courage to become a daily vlogger. Be sure to check back in to see if she has made any progress.

Annie Canning ’20

Vice President & Co-Music Director

Annie hails from Mount Vernon, New York aka the suburbs outside of New York City. She enjoys listening to alternative, rap, indie and classic rock genres (bring on the obscure Bruce album challenge Lily ;) ) On her show, Annie likes to explore the discographies of different artists and genres, ponder lyrics’ meaning and talk about current events! She also likes her dog.


Josie Blanchon ’20

Programming Director

Josie Blanchon is from the best state this country has ever had: the District of Columbia. As a prospective math and physics double major, she has been given the responsibility of co-technical director with the other math/physics double major, Nick Osborn. Along with these STEM fields, she is interested in music and is a member of the Merimanders, the campus’s only All-Female A Cappella group. Her show, Songs with Josie, combines her love for catchy pop songs with her love for singer-songwriters and indie artists.

Robyn Moss ’20

Concerts & Events Coordinator

a lizard

Owen Schmidt ’21

Community Liaison & Co-Music Director

Owen is a poser from Massachusetts.

Anna Truman-Wyss ’21

Social Media Coordinator

certified horse girl

Grey McGloon’21

Technical Director

The tech director and Robo DJ’s legal guardian. Freakishly and inconveniently tall. English major, maybe vampire. Aspiring beach goth.


Eliza Brower ’22



Mackenzie Daly ’22



Cyan Hunte ’22

Art Director


Ollie Penner ’22

Concert & Events Coordinator


James Irwin ’18

caffeine gum enthusiast


A native of Yarmouth, Maine, James has considerable talent in memorizing thoroughly useless information and has therefore elected to pursue a degree in history and rhetoric. His skill at imitating crayfish has led to him developing a radio persona around a freshwater crustacean that spouts fun facts.