Gabe Nott ’17

General Manager

Gabe is from Bronxville, New York. At Bates, he studies Rhetoric, serves on the WRBC Board, and hosts his own radio show. Gabe enjoys candle-lit dinners, long walks on the beach, and the musical stylings of Grizzly Bear.

Nick Osborn ’19

Technical Director

Nick is a Math/Physics double Major from Boston, MA. He joined WRBC as an intern last year and somehow has been trusted with a ridiculous amount of responsibility. Nick enjoys chocolate chip pancakes, complaining about rowing, and telling everyone how much he loves his roommate.

Katherine Schell ’19


Katherine/Kat/Kat Shat was birthed in Charlotte, North Carolina, which contrary to popular belief is not a small Southern hick town where people drink moonshine all day. She mainly digs dad music, and handles the cash money of WRBC. She also attempts to sail here at Bates while trying not to die of hypothermia.

Rosemary Leahey ’17

Programming Director


Gordon Platt ’19

Facilities Director

Hailing from just oustide of J.O.B., Gordon grew up riding bikes and building things. Gordon joined WRBC during the first semester of his freshman year and plays a variety of folk, alternative rock, and indie music. His go-to jam song is “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s. Outside of the station, Gordon is on the sailing team and is pursuing a major in Environmental Studies.


Emma Lammers ’19


Emma is from arguably the greatest city in the world: Columbus, Ohio. She does essentially all things word related for WRBC. She is pursuing a double major in biology and potentially philosophy (?) and swims for Bates. Ask her about phytoplankton, Spike Jonze, The National, or the song A Milli by Lil Wayne.

Lily Kip ’19

Art Director

Lily is an English and Studio Art double major using her unhirable talents and vague understanding of photoshop to benefit the good people of WRBC. She is a conniseur of sad folk music, 80s pop, and angsty milennial rock.

Jamie Kelleher ’19

Publicity Director



James Erwin ’18

Compliance Director

A native of Yarmouth, Maine, James has considerable talent in memorizing thoroughly useless information and has therefore elected to pursue a degree in history and rhetoric. His skill at immitating crayfish has led to him developing a radio persona around a freshwater crustacean that spouts fun facts. James is a Junior.


Ezra Oliff-Lieberman ’18

Liaison and Outreach Coordinator

Ezra has been kicking it with WRBC from the first moment he stepped on campus. He enjoys coffee ice cream, sunrise hikes, and lots of other things.


Sarah Sigman ’19

Liaison and Outreach Coordinator

Sarah is a politics major from New York, who sails for Bates and is a tour guide. She runs on alt-pop, honey roasted cashews, mystery novels, and at least 6 hours of sleep.

Isobel Curtis ’17

Resident Swingdancing instructor

Isobel enjoys 4am radio shows, the humor of RoboDJ, and spaghetti.


Joey Tocci ’17


Self proclaimed “born again freshman” Joey joined the WRBC team his sophomore year. He is currently dealing with the strife of getting the website and his life together after being abroad in Amsterdam all of last semester. He has a broad music taste and keeps current with new Jazz Bass, Indie Electronic sounds.

Leah Spingarn ’17

Special Projects Team

Leah became involved with WRBC after spending a year DJing. She loves sharing good tunes and enjoying positive vibes with her fellow Batesies!

Ryan Whittemore ’19

Special Projects Team

Ryan is native of West Virginia who believes in radio as a way to spread good vibes. He is pursuing a degree in politics and has a strong interest in film. Music ranging from Folk to rap to pop interests him.

Hanna Bayer ’16

Events Coordinator

Hanna has been a DJ for WRBC since her freshman year. She and Rosemary have had their show since 2013. The two often play a mix of folk, bluegrass, pop, alternative and rock music. Before adventuring abroad, Hanna served as the Secretary and Events Coordinator.

WRBC Photo

Justin Hoden ’18

Events Coordinator

You wake up in a bed that is your own, as you remembered it the night before, yet the room is unfamiliar but not frightening. A man, at least you assume it is a man, kneels down beside you and takes your hand. His face is obscured by the darkness that blankets the room. His hands are coarse but welcoming. His breath smells of garlic. You get up and follow him. He leads you to a door and you follow him through it. On the other side there is nothing but light, so bright you cannot see. That man with the coarse, comforting hands and garlic breath is me, Justin.


Neil Bement

Community DJ Representative

Neil first heard College Radio out of Cornell College in the early
70’s and I’ve been hooked ever since. 13 years of airing “Dr. Bemento’s World” trying to make the world a little smaller by playing music like you’ve never heard before – because it’s new (and not corporate main stream radio). For 10 years he has been privileged to be Community Representative on the WRBC Board acting as liaison for the community DJs.


Bill Morse

Music Director

Bill has been with WRBC for about 16 years and has served as our humble WRBC Music Director for about 14 years. He has always loved new rock so therein lies the love. Bill lives in Bath and has worked at Bath Iron Works for 36 years; of late, in the Engineering Department….Ok, he knows what you’re thinking….he may be old but he got to see all the cool bands!